Views Design & Contracting Ltd. specialize mainly shops, offices, residential, interior design and decoration works. We have several years of engineering experience and can provide quality service to our valued guests. We are convinced that different customers have different needs, a tailor-made plan is necessary. Request of the guests, the designers will come up with innovative and stylish idea to provide several free sketches for passengers chosen at random, the implementation of our customer.

天旭設計工程有限公司專營店舖、寫字樓、住宅、室內設計及裝修工程。我們擁有數年工程經驗以及能提供優質服務給我們尊貴的客人。 我們深信不同的客人會有不同的需求,一份度身訂造的計劃書是必需的。設計師會根據客人的要求, 想出新穎而時尚的構思, 提供幾款免費不同的草圖供客任意挑選, 推行我們公司以客為先的的精神。


Welcome to call us and make a quotation!!!

切勿猶豫, 速致電查詢。


Our Steps can make sure your jobs and projects run smooth. The products should be in good quality and on time.

天旭設計工程有限公司的步驟能令工程順利進行和完成。保証貨真價實, 準時完工。

----Listen to our valuable customer's needs and make a quotation.
----Arrange a communication time with our experienced designers/project managers.
----Generate a first drafting and quotation.
----Fix with our customers' comments.
----Generate a second drafting.
----The BEST quality product.
----A good quality follow-up services.

---- 細心聆聽客人需要. 為客人做一份初步報價單。
----以客之意見再修改, 務求客人滿意。
----根據圖則, 進行施工。