Interiors Design

Interior design can make your dream home become comfortable, perfect and bright. Through communication with us, our designers can base on your ideas and request to design your dream home. Using the existing space to make your home full of colorful and feel good.



Furniture Design

Furniture is essential for making use of your home spaces and decorations. Sometimes, customers can't find some suitable furniture. Our company can help customers to search the furniture that can reflect your own tastes and make your dream home
feel more comfortable.?



Project Management

Although Interior design is an art, a good management can help customers to control the costing, quality and time of your project. Our professional project managers can try their best to reduce the cost of the project and make sure the job can
meet the tight deadline.



3D Rendering

Before starting the project, our company will provide you a few of 3D rendering drawings for your reference. Customers can see all the effects through these Perspective. Our company can arrange a face-to-face communication with our designers. Our designers can base on customers. requests and make some instant changes through computer.

在項目開始之前,我公司將為您提供一些三維渲染圖供大家參考。客戶可以看到所有的效果,通過這些視角。本公司可安排面對面的溝通與我們的設計師。透過電腦, 我們的設計師可以根據客戶要求, 並提出一些即時的改變。



Project determined by designing, planning and material. Every steps are very important. A little mistakes will make your project to have a great problems. Our company have some professional project managers to make sure our project run smooth and
make a reasonable price for you.



Computer drawings

Due to the rapid growth of technology, design is not drawing manually. All our drawings are computerized. It can help you to estimate the furniture we can put into your dream house and calculate?the actual size. These can increase the efficient and arrange the project more smoothly.



Obtain the license

The company provides customers with one-stop licensing consulting services, including the rental shop before the site assessment, draw plans, to attend the Licensing Apply for the meeting, accompanied by the relevant government officials on-
site inspections, etc., to help clients completed the licensing requirements of various departments until To obtain a license, and commitment in the shortest time for the catering industry for compliance with the license to open as soon as possible. On behalf of the customer to apply License include - a general restaurant licenses, snacks and restaurant licenses, food factory license, factory canteens license and liquor license, etc.

本公司為客戶提供一站式牌照顧問服務,包括租舖前的現場評估, 繪製圖則,出席有關牌照 申請所需的會議,陪同有關政府官員現場巡查等,協助客戶辦妥各部門的發牌條件直至取得牌照,並承諾在最短時間內為飲食同業申請合格牌照,使盡快開業。代顧客申領牌照包括-普通菜館牌照,小食食肆牌照,食品製造廠牌照,工廠食堂牌照及酒牌等 ....